About Cape San Blas

Cape San Blas, Florida Information - The Forgotten Coast

Welcome to Cape San Blas on Florida's Forgotten Coast! Earning its nickname from the quiet and underdeveloped section of coastline stretching from Mexico Beach on the Gulf to St. Marks on Apalachee Bay, the Forgotten Coast is the perfect place to escape for a vacation. Located in the heart of the Forgotten Coast on a peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico is Cape San Blas. Connected to Florida by just a sliver of land, Cape San Blas is home to some of the Best Gulf views and peacefully excluded beaches around.

Cape San Blas beaches are known for being uncrowded, pristine and beautiful. If you are looking to enjoy the emerald green waters of the Gulf on Florida's white sandy beaches, Cape San Blas is the place to be. After all, Cape San Blas is known as Florida's best kept secret.

While known for being underdeveloped and uncrowded, the Cape San Blas beaches are not short on adventure. This vacation paradise offers tremendous fishing, boating, horseback riding and miles of empty beach to explore. The peninsula is home to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and was also named the best beach in America in 2002. Year in and year Cape San Blas has consistently ranked in the top 10 for the "Top 10 Best Beaches in the USA".

Most vacation rentals in Cape San Blas are pet-friendly to accommodate the pet-friendly beach. So don't forget to bring your furry little friend on your next beach vacation. Horses are also available for rent to spend the day explore the miles of open sand.

To locals, the Cape San Blas area on the St. Jospeh Peninsula is referred to as "The Cape". The Cape is one of Florida's beautiful hidden gems. There are no high rise condo complexes, nor even a stoplight. Simply miles of dog-friendly beaches waiting to be explored. Enjoy a romantic getaway with peaceful uninterrupted beach strolls, build a bonfire directly on the sand, or catch your own crab and scallop dinner.

Don't worry about being over secluded as Port St. Joe and Apalachicola are just a short drive away and Panama City Beach is just an hour. The area is also home to some fabulous seafood and American dining. Stop by and try the Sand Bucket Smoke, Cone Heads, or Triple Tails Oyster Bar and Grill.

One of the most famous past times in Cape San Blas is the lighthouse. The lighthouse currently resides in Port St. Joe but was for a long time a icon of the Florida's best kept secret. The lighthouse dates all the way back to 1836 when plans began to build two lighthouses on the cape, one at the northern tip and one at the entrance of St. Jospeh Bay. Unfortunately due to budget only the St. Joseph Bay side lighthouse was built. The St. Jospeh Bay lighthouse was later dismantled and used to build a new lighthouse which was later destroyed by storms. A third lighthouse was constructed in 1859 only to fall victim to the civil war. Parts of the lighthouse were burned but were later fixed and restored to use. In 1882 the third lighthouse lost the battle to the rising sea and crumbled. A fourth tower was erected and made of iron so if the sea encroached, it could be dismantled and moved. This was a wise decision as they moved the iron lighthouse in 1918 further inland. Due to the rising seas, the lighthouse was once again in trouble and soon became in operable. In 2014 the tower was relocated to Port St. Joe where the history of the Cape San Blas lighthouse still lives today.

Whether it be the history, the pristine uncrowded dog-friendly beaches, the beautiful emerald green waters or the endless Gulf views, Cape San Blas in Florida's Panhandle is full of reasons to make it your next vacation destination.